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Artist Karen Rinaldo - Falmouth, Cape Cod

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Photographer- Roland Picard

Photographer - Michael Petrizzo
Artist Karen Rinaldo- Falmouth, Cape Cod
  The Only Gallery On Falmouth Harbor and Vineyard Sound
Falmouth , Cape Cod Named 4th Best Destination for Kids Beaches in the Country. Congratulations Falmouth
Celebrating 41th Anniversary Year

A Recent Study On Brain ActivityBy A Professor Of Neurobiology At The University College London Concluded" That Viewing Beautiful Art Can Give Us As Much Pleasure As Being In Love."

Welcome to the Karen Rinaldo Gallery web site.
This site has been created with specific objectives:

To introduce those of you new to my town at Falmouth,
Massachusetts, Cape Cod and the Islands to a place rich in
history, beauty, and charm, with fine artwork.

Also to offer fine art with a spectrum of styles, subjects, and
medium  giving you an experience for all the senses.

Cape Cod is a priceless palette of color and mood.  I have always
held passionate feelings for this place I describe as Seasons of
the Heart.  The subjects I paint are a nostalgic reflection of a time
and place so simply stated as Cape Cod.

We have an endless shoreline and the magnificent views are free.
Google  searches for special  key words and tourists search for special places. Cape Cod  is a Fishermans delight a Seafarers adventure a Wedding destination and Vacationland . It is not Disneyworld or Las Vegas and there are no Rocky Mountains . It is a mix of  Cranberry Bogs, Bays, Kettle Holes, and Rivers. It is charming Rose covered cottages, Sailboats and Harbors  , Birdwatching, Clambakes and breathtaking Sunsets.
People say our dunes remind them of The Long Island Beaches. New York is the greatest City but in July.. you gotta get away.. as Billy Joel would say take a holiday and not Miami Beach but Cape Cod Beaches.

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