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Photographer- Roland Picard

Photographer - Michael Petrizzo
Artist Karen Rinaldo- Falmouth, Cape Cod
Main Category : Giclee prints

Giclee Print- Tarpaulin Cove and Lighthouse, Naushon Island
Price: $95.00
image size 12''x18''

Giclee Print- Tashmoo, Martha's Vineyard
Price: $95.00
image size 16''x20''

Giclee Print-Evening, Hadley's Harbor
Price: $95.00
image size 13''x 17''

Giclee Print-The Vietnam Memorial Wall Visit to Falmouth, Massachusetts ,Summer of 2000
Price: $95.00
image size 10"x 24"

Giclle Print- The Knob , Autumn, Quissett, Cape Cod
Price: $95.00
image size 14"x21'

Giclee Print - Falmouth Heights, Cape Cod
Price: $95.00
image size 14"x21''

Giclee Print- Cleveland Ledge Light
Price: $40.00
Buzzards Bay image size 10''x13''.

Giclee Print- Nobska light and Beach, Woods Hole, Cape Cod
Price: $95.00
image size 12"x18"

Giclee Print- Old Silverbeach Shoreline
Price: $95.00
image size 10"x 20''

Giclee Print- Padanaram Harbor, Padanaram
Price: $95.00
image size 11''x18''

Giclee Print- Road to Nobska Lighthouse, Woods Hole, Cape Cod
Price: $95.00

Giclee Print- Sailboats, Falmouth Harbor, Cape Cod
Price: $95.00
image size 12''x18''

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