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Photographer- Roland Picard

Photographer - Michael Petrizzo
Artist Karen Rinaldo- Falmouth, Cape Cod
The Karen Rinaldo Gallery would like to invite you to look at the Motives Cosmetics line !  I along with my  business associate  Nicole Tolentino recently received Certification  and completed Motives Training Courses to be  Certified Motives Senior Consultants.  Nicole brings experience  with her background in cosmetics and as a team or individually we can create the ultimate look  with cutting edge styles, vivid colors and a wide variety of makeup choices . Motives is our Cosmetic division in Market America and I am proud and pleased to offer these quality products to  you the customer.The  face  is the Make up Artist's canvas and for any art to succeed the secret is skill and quality materials.   Please take a moment to look at the web site  http://www.capecod.motivescosmetics.com here you will see  customization at its finest. These are high end cosmetics but at competitive prices. In the months to come I will offer my services for Weddings , Birthdays, Anniversary, Proms ,Graduation and  other special  times.  Please take a look at my business web portal www.marketamerica.com/capecod       Here you will find a truly informational  site.  If you have questions please call me . I will be happy to share more with you. Thank You for visiting the Karen Rinaldo Gallery Web Site. We also offer a wide array of products you may need, so check out http://www.marketamerica.com/capecod/

 Wedding Gifts are personal and to be treasured . Think of something the Bride and Groom will cherish and keep in a special place in their home. Personalize the Wedding Invitation or Commission  the Church or sentimental location where they may have first met. The Artist will work with you and your ideas to create a special piece of artwork for this special day.  Since the month  of  June is popular for Wedding dates please allow at least two weeks for special orders. Items in inventory can be met  in just a few days.

A popular Wedding and Anniversary gift is St. Thomas Chapel on Falmouth Harbor, Falmouth, Cape Cod . An original verse accompanies  the image and this Giclee print is available in two sizes.  A small window is cut in the matting and the Artist will personalize in Calligraphy script the first two names and a date.
The Falmouth Village Green is a popular wedding gift. It highlights the First Congregational Church and the Hallmark of 17th Century homes around the White rail fenced Village Green. Measures 14x 14 and 20X20
The Woods  Hole Golf Club is a popular place for Weddings  receptions. A portrait  can be personalized as shown in this watercolor.

 Saint Joseph's Church, Woods Hole , Cape Cod
Three generations celebrate. Makes a unique gift for parents of the Bride and Groom.

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